It is actually really simjple. No matter what kind of confusing disinformation you find out there, the bottom line is that your body already knows how to burn fat efficiently, even if you have been fat your whole life! It's true. No one is genetically doomed to be over weight. Yes there are illnesses and diseases that can cause obesity. But there are a lot of medications that do that too. The best way to burn fat is to give your body the right nutrition and let it be healthy. Eating majority fruits and vegetables, lean protien, nuts and seeds, while getting the right kinds of fat are all it takes to force your body into burning fat. 

The truth is that the human body is a lot like a computer- Garbage in, garbage out.  When it comes to healing the body, a lot of the foods that help make a person feel better are the same foods that cause the body to drop pounds. The best way to burn fat is to eat the right kinds of foods. Instead of filling up on cereals and breads consider some alternatives like granola made with a mix of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. 

When planning your meals think about making a large batch of something that is versatile enough to keep you from getting bored and straying into junk food alley. Roast two spaghetti squashes, keep all of the veggie pasta in a container in the fridge and swap out different sauces like pesto, or marinara through out the week. Or try making a huge salad and using different dressings and combining different protiens.  My favorite tip is to make a double batch of plain almond flour muffins and then flavor all of the muffins differently. I can freeze the muffins in the tin as batter or bake them off and freeze some for later. 

The best way to burn fat is to have a plan, and work your plan. The paleo diet is a great plan that really works. 



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